Back From Hell by Dr Pete Wasko

Back From Hell by Dr Pete Wasko Back From Hell, by Dr Pete Wasko, is the story of how one man overcame a diverse range of physical, psychological, and social issues through Jesus Christ and faith to lead a healthy and successful life and fulfill his dreams.

This book is perfect for people with problems such as bad childhood experiences, drug and alcohol problems, marital issues and divorce, and war veterans. It not only provides hope, but a blueprint to recovery and living a successful and healthy life once again.


This book is far more than the story of a Vietnam Veteran who survived to tell his story. It is the amazing testimony of the mercy and faithfulness of God and how His persistent love kept Pete Wasko from destroying himself and the ones he loves. Dr. Pete's story is vivid, brutally honest, captivating, and wonderfully redemptive. This book will bring hope to everyone who thinks they are beyond the grace of God. This is a must read for the discouraged and disheartened, and a healing message for the veterans of past wars who still bear in their hearts and minds the atrocities and emotional pain of combat.

Dr. Dale A. Fife

Author, Speaker, Pastor, and father

About Dr Pete Wasko

Dr Pete Wasko As a child, Pete Wasko grew up in a dysfunctional family in a not-so-promising area of Farrell, Pennsylvania. He began drinking at a young age and decided to quit school, opting to join the Army at age 17. After turning 18, he volunteered for Vietnam. While there, he was wounded three times, receiving a Purple Heart each time. However, after returning home, he ended up in a mental institution at the age of 20. After escaping the mental institution, he traveled down the road of drug and alcohol abuse, and even devised a plot to kill a pastor to get even with God.

Dr Pete Wasko in Vietnam Afterward, Dr. Pete Wasko excelled in business, including rising to Regional Vice President with an insurance/investment firm, General Sales Manager of a car dealership, to even owning his own fire and burglar alarm business. In 1988, Dr. Pete went through extensive training in personality profiling (Behavioral Site Analysis) and three years later began to pursue his lifelong aspiration of becoming a doctor. In 1996, he fulfilled that dream by graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Pete Wasko now speaks at churches, prisons, business meetings, schools, military installations, radio and television talk shows, and youth groups. His School of Health, which is a free monthly school to educate the public about their health concerns, has been running since 2002.

Dr Pete Wasko is available for health, motivational, and inspirational speaking engagements. His message will motivate you and others to make a decision to follow your dreams.

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